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Lyceum Theatre London

Lyceum Theatre London

The Lyceum Theater London is located at 21 Wellington Street, Westminster and is a theater in West End that has 2,000 people seating capacity. This theater was designed chiefly by Samuel Beazley. He gave the theater an exceptional characteristic in its balcony that hung over the circle. However, in 1882, the theater was partially reconstructed and made improvements by the theater architect C.J. Phipps. These days, the building in existence still has the grand portico and face designed by Beazley yet the inner theater maintains the 1904 design of Bertie Crewe. It was restored in 1996 just after being utilized for an extended period of time in place of Mecca Ballroom. During the first few years of the operation of this theater, people have seen “The Mountain Sylph”, the first modern English opera, same year of its inauguration. This performance was then followed by “Fair Rosamun” which was performed in 1837. And in 1839, the “Farinelli” was performed followed by “Blance of Jersey the year after.
Lyceum Theatre London
From 1841 through 1843, the theater was managed by Micheal Balfe producing National Opera yet this proved to be unproductive. Charles Dickens’ works became related with the theater and “Martin Chuzzlewit” was adapted and between 1844 and 1845, there were more than 100 performances being held. The rest is history.

After the restoration in 1996, the space was then converted again into a theater with the proficiencies to present large-scale opera and musicals. Since 1999, the musical “Lion King” has been playing.

Today, this theater has been one of the attractions in London and a lot of people go to this theater in order to witness different kinds of plays and shows, opera and musicals. During their theater breaks, they want to explore what this theater can offer. This is a good chance to stimulate their intellect.

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