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London Sightseeing

London Sightseeing

Whether you are visiting London for the first time or the tenth time, this metropolis can be more of a bit nerve-wracking. After all, the area of greater London covers 600 square miles. Thus, before deciding to go, it is worth it if you spend some of your precious time planning what London attractions you would want to explore as well as discovering your transportation options. There is top London sightseeing attractions that you need to consider. One of these attractions is the Tower of London. This is considered to be one of the most prominent landmarks of London. It is best acknowledged as a castle of torture, imprisonment and execution. However, it has been a fortress, Royal Palace and a Royal mint as well.
London Sightseeing
Kensington Palace is another must-see attraction in London. Even though this is the primary dwelling of William III as well as Mary II and the place of birth of Queen Victoria, it is now best recognized as the home-based of Lady Diana who is the Princess of Wales.

Another must-see attraction is the London Zoo. The London Zoo is located in Regent’s Park and is a home to more than 12,000 animals. It also features displays that include “Butterfly Paradise” and “Meet the Monkeys.”

Well, if you want to see the residence of Queen Elizabeth II then you need to visit Windsor Castle. This has been the official home of kings as well as queens for over 900 years which makes it the ancient continually occupied castle all around the world.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theater is among the top London sightseeing attractions. This faithful reproduction can be found on the original Globe Theater and the background was written his popular plays.

These are just few of the many attractions that London can offer. All of these can be accessible using the London Underground so you will be saved from hiring a car.