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London Aquarium

The London Aquarium

The brilliant London Aquarium is found within the Country Hall Riverside Building. This is one of the largest aquaria in the entire Europe. The fascinating world of beaches, seashores, tropical freshwater, rainforest and oceans comes alive in this astounding aquarium. Aside from the spectacular exhibit of the watery world, this aquarium is dedicated to conservation efforts. The aquarium operates as a breeding program as well which is accomplished by a group of marine biologists.

This is a privately possessed aquarium that is by far the largest collection of worldwide marine life of the world. One of the brilliant attractions is the Robotic Fish that has been presented at the aquarium. The Robotic Fish contains all the typical features of an ordinary fish like rolling speed, movements, navigating and acceleration skills. You will definitely be enthralled by the ability of the fish to locate its way everywhere on the tank. Aside from this, it can react to its surrounding setting and avoid objects. Needless to mention, the Robotic Fishes which were introduced lately at this aquarium has turned out to be incredibly famous among the visitors and travelers.
London Aquarium
This aquarium works in close partnership through the Marine Conservation Society, The Orang Utan Foundation and The Shark Trust. The aquarium is extended across three floors. This only means that you will enjoy your visit and see a lot of fascinating objects.

Progressively, more and more individuals from the corporate world are holding company seminars and events at the wonderful London Aquarium. They can choose from a range of settings such as Pacific, Atlantic or Rainforest depending on their preference.

In this aquarium, you can be able to witness daring divers swimming together with the deadly sharks. The excitement within this Aquarium is intense and you must not miss this tourist landmark in London.