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London Stansted Airport

Facts about London Stansted Airport


London Stansted Airport has been proven to be a main center for low-priced airlines from across Europe. This airport has been serving the Ryanair’s greatest base having more than 100 routes. The airport was first utilized during the Second World War by the United States Air Force and Royal Air Force as a bomber airfield and as key maintenance center. London Stansted Airport has begun their commercial operations in 1966. It was chiefly utilized for holiday charter airlines that can make mainly cheaper prices as opposed to using Heathrow and Gatwick. It is the third biggest airport after Gatwick and Heathrow after the government of British approved a plan in 1984 to improve the airport into two phases in order to ease pressure from Gatwick and Heathrow. The plan was to develop an airport that can accommodate up to 15 million customers per year. They went on to build a new terminal building in 1991.
London Stansted Airport
It is an oblong building designed by Foster & Partners, the world renown architects. The design of the airport offers an unhindered flow for passengers to enter in and out of the airport. It has solitary passenger terminal but has three passenger satellites and these are the locations of the departure gates. One departure gate is joined to the main terminal through an air-bridge. The other two satellites are joined through the transit system people mover. London Stansted Airport has only a single runway that serves the airport. During the past, there have been plans to build a second runway however these plans have been postponed due to the protests of dwellers on the nearby villages.

The control tower of the airport is considered to be one of the highest air traffic control towers and is positioned at the north east. The control tower is tall since it has to see satellite 3 plainly.

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