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Kings Cross London

Kings Cross London is a low-rent district and a home to a number of attractions that you must not miss. Perhaps, Kings Cross is best known for its St. Pancras and Kings Cross stations. The St. Pancras is a global departure point for visitors catching trains in order to go to the European continent. The Canal Museum located on the New Wharf Road shows the story of the canals of London that used to be the boulevard of London commerce. Horses pulled boats down the canals in order to transport goods and there is a boat inside the museum which you can explore.
Kings Cross London
Another place you can explore in Kings Cross is the Regents Canal that runs on the north. You can use the Pancras Road that is Located north of the Camley Street stations in order to see boats in use and access the canal. Several individuals live aboard the boats so they can travel around England. Moreover, you can encounter geese and ducks and if the climate is okay, people out there go for a bike ride or a stroll. The canals are synchronized through a chain of locks.

St Pancras Old Church is another place to explore and this is said to be one of the aged churches in Britain which sits at the rear of the train stations. You can examine the church and the gardens and scrutinize the different forms of materials used to rebuild and construct it over its history. a number of Roman architecture examples still exist in this little church that is dwarfed through the enormous train stations close by.

The British Library is a good place to visit and this is said to be one of the largest libraries in the world. You can find video and audio collections and a huge reading collection enveloping every subject you can imagine.