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London Zoo

No matter what you wish, there’s an excellent chance among more than five thousands animals and the thirty six acres that London Zoo has. This has a widespread collection of small mammals, birds, apes and monkeys and bears and hippos. Every person is bound to be attracted with at least a single animal among the countless animals that he or she is likely to bump into while walking around the zoo’s extensive tunnels, bridges and gardens. The London zoo that was first opened in 1828 was the first scientific zoo around the world housing a range of exotic animals that are being studied by the scientists during the day and were closed from public view. The zoo was finally opened in 1847 its doors for the public. The zoo did not only become an element of the public eye but rapidly became the most popular zoo in the world as well.
London Zoo
This London attraction along with countless animals has a range of programs every day intended for travelers. If you want to visit the zoo, go to the zoo’s information center in order to see what kinds of programs available for you viewing satisfaction during your visit. One of the most famous programs is the feeding time for several of the animals. Both young and old can enjoy watching the predatory birds diving for their prey and watch the penguins consume their fish dinner. Sporadically, you can get up close to the bughouse to see the zoo’s bird eating spiders. This zoo houses more than one hundred species which are presently listed as threatened. The zoo takes part in breeding programs designed to assist in reproducing the species.

The London zoo holds group visits and supports individuals of all age to visit come to the zoo and see the animals. They offer free entrance to London school groups and the zoo can become a conference setting for business groups.