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The British Museum

Do you know that one of the oldest museums in the world is The British Museum? This museum has 6 million items across 1.8 million years of the humanity’s civilization. In 1753, the collection was started in the museum with the legacy of antiquarian and physician Sir Hans Sloane. During the 18th and 19th century, emissaries and visitors such as Lord Elgin, Captain James Cook, Charles Townley and Lord Curzon added treasures that are collected from all over the world.

The British Museum
One can spend some time here without getting hungry since there are good cafes and wonderful restaurant here. Enjoy famous burgers, sandwiches, ice creams and coffees and a tasty food in the British Museum. The main entrance can be used for picnics while touring the entire museum. Visitors can acquire reproduction artifacts that most of the shops sell. You can get few of the greatest treasures during the early English such as silver plates of the 14th century. This is found in Mildenhall in Suffolk. You must not miss the visit to the majority of exciting new gallery near the British Museum which is the Tate Modern. You will find some of the most popular top 10 fantastic paintings in the world.

You can opt to stay in some of the hotels nearby such as the Cheshire hotel London. Accommodation over here is much cheaper than the other accommodations on this region. You will just have a short walk and can see the museum and lots of other tourist attractions. The museum houses top paintings such as The Ambassadors, The Arnolfini Portrait, Virgin and Child with John the Baptist and St. Anne, The Wilton Diptych, Mystic Nativity, Rokeby Venus, Supper at Emmaus, A Woman Bathing in a Stream and a lot more. These are just few of the things that you can enjoy in this museum.